The Netherlands are a tax paradise AND The Netherlands are no tax paradise. Sixteen million people live on a piece of land wich you can cross by car in half a day and they have 1000 different taxes, each of them with a higher tariff then most other countries. Wich fool would call that a tax paradise? Well anyone not from The Netherlands would, and they are right! Foreigners come to Tax Haven The Netherlands because the Dutch Authorities have tax treaties with all other countries in the world. Yes all. So you will never ever have to pay any tax double and there will never be discussions about wich authority is legally right to tax you. For all these treaties to be applicable to you, you have to start a Dutch Limited (“BV” in Dutch) or rent some space in The Netherlands from wich you do business. That and some paperwork. Wich is not much work if you consider climbing the Mount Everest or running an Iron Man as being easy. All other people should call or mail us so we can help.

Tax Paradise The Netherlands

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